Machine Motion

2010 | Kinetics Installation

In the project “Machine Motion Series,” I created a mechanical motion machine for motion studies. It comprises a 10-foot by 10-foot frame that houses motors and timing belts used to suspend a shipping box in the air. The box can rotate and translate horizontally and vertically. The system allows the box to move freely within the frame and to perform particular animations.

In the animations, the shipping box encounters an imaginary/negative space invisible to the naked eye, and only the movement of the box defines the space. That is to say the spatial experience is open to the visitors’ interpretation, which encourages the visitors to dive into the enigma of the relationship between space and motion. Nevertheless, the imperfection and uncanniness of the motion along with the emotive sound of the motors adds to the animation a sense of humor, which brings the viewing experience to another level and heightens the uncertainty of the experience.

“Machine Motion no.1 – Box from Home” depicts the journey of a parcel shipped from home.