2008 | Waerable Device

Optical Handlers – eeyee is an optical device that dissects one’s embodied visual experience by simple tool-set – LCDs and cameras. eeyee literally splits users’ vision into two and relocates them onto their hands separately. The extended vision, along with the mobility of the hands, makes possible for the users to observe the world from a dimension off the skull and from a perspective through the limbs.

Instead of splitting the vision just as a left and a right, eeyee manages to treat each split stereoscopically. Thus, users experience a double mobile real-time stereoscopic vision, which has a redundant reality that questions, “Aren’t we living in a 3D world already? Or are we?” “eeyee”, facilitates a hyper entanglement exclusively for the users.
When users wear this device, their experience is completely alienated. They have to manipulate their body and invent their ways to cope with their surroundings primitive down to making a step forward. Eventually, user will meet and interact with the public. Thus learn how to socialize and co-exist in this “hyper” active space.

eeyee provides experiential situation for users to play with their own body and to make fun and interact with people around them. It has an identical set of LCDs that faces outward, which enables bystanders to peek in the users’ vision as close as they want. eeyee essentially blinds the users as well as heightens their senses to create a tension between their followers and the place where it is played.